Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Update Dec 3rd from the Hospital

Update from Carly from this morning:

After surgery, she was in recovery for 7 hours, which was unexpected!! The epidural didn't freeze her all the way so they had to keep readjusting the location of the needles to get her pain under control.

While this was going on they gave her a shot of fentanyl, which did help with the paid but it brought out her anxiety and so many emotions. It felt like a double edge sword - do you stay pain free and feel really crappy???  the fentanyl left quickly and she just stayed on Morphine drip (see the green light in the pic below). 

She did have a hard time sleeping at all yesterday, so she took 1/2 a sleeping pills last night... slept maybe 3 hours here and 2 hours there.. she does have a catheter and a binder (girdle to hold everything in place) which makes everything uncomfortable.

She is considering today Day 1 of recovery! She got up out of bed, walked around and is sitting up! Tomorrow they will probably take out the epidural and the catheter and then Thursday she has to make sure that the pain is under control then she can go home.

She is in room 8220 Jim Pattinson pavilion and says thanks for all your texts, emails etc so very sweet! Xoxo C

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