Saturday, September 7, 2019

What’s up Doc?

The Looney Tunes cartoon famous line “What’s up Doc” usually delivered by the iconic Bugs Bunny, has kind of become my line and looney type lifestyle over the last while.  Seems with all the doctor appointments and conversations that come with, all I really can say is exactly that..what’s up Doc?

The hernia repair wait has been going on for what seems like forever. My first hernia appeared in May 2018 3 months after surgery. I was still in recovery mode so they couldn’t do repair at the time with what was a relatively small hernia. Jump forward to today and that hernia is now the size of a volleyball and unfortunately have 2 more on my ostomy side. The volleyball is on my right and causes me pain and discomfort every single day. 

This past Thursday I had an appointment with my surgeon who I hadn't seen in 9 months. I had so many things I wanted to many ways on how I wanted to say them, but after a good reminder from a friend, I went in calm and understanding. The doctor really only cares about the hernia and not my emotions or stories of my struggles. He explained he’ll only be repairing the big one and not the others as it’s just too hard a surgery all at once. It’s not as simple as we think so the less bothersome hernias will be repaired likely a year later. As much as I understood I still felt defeated and left knowing no specific date of repair the Dr just saying it would be by years end. 

I got in my car and drove straight home. I’d planned to visit some friends after my appointment, but just wanted to be alone in my misery. My phone rang maybe 30 minutes after I returned home & it was the surgeons office. My repair has been scheduled she told me so I grabbed my pen and calendar awaiting the specifics. December 2nd is surgery date at VGH, time TBA a few days prior. Surgery will take about 2.5 hours and I’ll be in hospital 2-4 days post op. A strict recovery routine for a minimum of 6 weeks depending on how things go of course. I hung up the phone and did a happy dance. May not be exactly what I wanted but man I’m excited!

Ostomy life has all around been quite good these past 19 months. Lots of learning and healing in the beginning, but once you get a grasp of things your routine is set and it becomes part of you. I don’t even blink anymore, Winnie is just there & I’m so much better with her than without. I wouldn’t be alive today had this surgery not happened so that keeps me in check when a bad day shows itself. I was telling someone the other day that I feel more special with her, like how weird is that right?  As much as cancer did all this to me it really has given me so much. However a 3rd battle is not wanted so let’s not get too carried away Carly!

A couple months back I landed in hospital with a blockage and that pain almost felt worse than my initial surgery! Complete agony and felt like I was going to explode from the inside out. I had what’s called an NG tube placed down my nose to my stomach to help pump out whatever caused the blockage. That was such a creepy feeling going in and staying there over 3 days especially while vomiting!  That hospital stay CT scan revealed the 3rd hernia...can a girl not catch a break?  Things really do come in 3’s don’t they.  After 3 days in hospital and being high on morphine (needed it for pain) I returned home and vowed to never let this happen again. It’s not something I can control but I can do many things to avoid. No seeds, nuts, corn or peas & chew chew chew!  

Over the summer I’ve been in the water a lot and know many ostomates are reluctant to swim. I’ve been in the ocean, lake, pool and have baths numerous times a week with no issues. I’m such a water person & glad this was an easy transition mentally and physically. Had cancer taken this away from me too I may have lost my mind as I absolutely love the water. 

From day one I said I would bring forth awareness any way I could and so far doing just that.  From my article published in this summers edition of Ostomy Canada magazine, to my Instagram and (not so good) YouTube channel under the handles Ostomate and the City.  Right now I’m learning the ways of green screen and hope to post my amazing 1st video this month. I’ve got all the tools just need to figure out the editing process.  

Thanks for continuing to read my blogs folks!  After this entry I’ll exceed 103,000 views which is so incredibly humbling. I’m always so amazed at the tally of views it’s getting from all over the world. I know there are better and more current forums and possibly more I could do with it but I like my old ways. It was born from the evil of cancer and now lives on through inspiration so why change what’s not broken right?  Plus the other projects are my main focus for now so be sure to follow either or both if you want to see more on the regular. 

In the words of Bugs Bunny.....That’s all folks!