Monday, February 22, 2016

Lose the booze

Another sleepless night means writing another blog in the dark while laying in bed. It really seems to be how/where I write the most.  The silence is so quiet I hear myself talking as I write. Not real talking just talking in my know what I mean!

Most of you likely recall that I'm fundraising for the BC Cancer Agency for the month of February via Lose the Booze.  At the start of day 1 I was in the lead for most dollars raised and now sit in 3rd shy of top spot by $110.  I want to take back top spot for 2 reasons: 1) to keep raising money for the battle against cancer and 2) my competitive ego! At least I'm honest in saying I like to win!

I was contacted by Lose the Booze a couple weeks ago wondering if I'd be willing to share my story and how I've gone about raising funds. I feel honoured that they selected me and recognized the efforts I've put in to this campaign.  It's never fun asking for donations but as you know I'm very passionate about giving back to the people who saved my life and help others every single day. I answered some questions and approved a draft that will be submitted to local media. Once it's published I'll be sure to let you know.  

My school application process will be complete come month end. I've sent in transcripts, about to do a typing WPM test and attend an information session in March. I'm told come April I'll be made aware if accepted. It truly is a numbers game as there are only so many spots available, so fingers & toes are crossed! I think I'd be a fantastic Health Unit Coordinator and never would have selected this career had it not been for the ladies in this role at the Cancer Agency. Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

Merci beaucoup to all who've sponsored me thus far. From $10 to $100 it all makes a difference and donations are gladly welcomed until the 29th...leap year!  Help my the battle.  But let's start small and just say it's for the ego!
Search my name: Carly Allen & click donate




Sunday, February 14, 2016


About a week ago I was talking with a girl friend from Calgary who I don't see often but still remain in touch with. She was telling me how much she admires my strength and drive through it all. I've heard that before. It's very kind to hear and most days I think I've done a pretty good job at beating this disease and staying upbeat, but today was not one of those days. 

I've been battling a flu..cold..whatever this darn thing is for a while now. The crippling cough started around Christmas and the rest followed later. Watery eyes, runny nose, plugged ears...I had it all and bad. Right when I thought I was turning the corner it hits me again. I reached a low point tonight around 11:30 and called a dear friend in tears. She was kind to listen and was very understanding of my "what if.." all while reassuring me that I'll be ok.  This cough is so harsh that I'm dizzy. I cough so loud that I asked my neighbour if she can hear me through the walls!  She couldn't as her laundry machine was on but did bring me some honey to help soothe my throat. 

Add in the fact that the PT job I applied for hasn't advised me yay or nay, I think I just hit a point of no return. I'm over qualified so I'm angry I haven't heard. Like seriously?  But then the good angel on my right shoulder reminds me things will happen when it's time.  Yesterday I was driving with a friend in heavy traffic and started to panic. I had to reach a restroom. I was only a few blocks away but we weren't moving. I did some breathing, remained calm, turned left illegally...but I made it. 

I guess lately I just kinda feel like the cards aren't in my favour. The strength isn't always there. Sometimes I just need to cry. I hate thinking "what if" and rarely do but it's always in my rear view mirror. Add in dealing with Crohn's and it's a real pain in the butt....literally!  I can usually cope on my own pretty well but tonight was just one of those nights when I wish someone lived with me to hear me out & even give me a hug!  Simba wants nothing to do with me as the cough bothers him too!

This blog is my virtual hug. It's my virtual roomie. My strength isn't gone it just took a day off. The struggle will end soon enough, most likely via antibiotics and at least I can hog the covers!




Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This year February has 29 days which is a good thing for my friends daughter who's born on leap year!  For me this is the first time in my life where I'll be cutting out all alcohol willingly. Obviously I wasn't drinking while undergoing cancer treatment, but I sure enjoy a social cocktail when healthy and able. 

I follow the BC Cancer Foundation on various social media feeds, which is how I came to know of this months fundraising called 'Lose The Booze'. It's don't drink. People sponsor you and the money goes directly to the BC Cancer Foundation. There are lots of fundraisers for cancer but usually for specific cancers.  Did you know that lung cancer is the number 1 killer in women's cancers? You might have though breast cancer since it gets the most attention.  My cancer is so rare that it would never get its own event so this just seemed to make sense to me. All cancers need to be fought so let's share the pot!  Did I just make up a new hashtag!? Lol 

I'm so thankful for all the support I've received thus far. I'm slightly in the lead of all single participants and it's all because of the love you have in your hearts for me and the battle against cancer. No donation is too donation too big!  It's inspiring me to have a healthy and prosperous month. It's inspiring me to keep this fight alive. 

I've had a few rough days of late and I never really know why. It could be from my Crohn's, but really it could be because of a load of things. I don't think I'll ever know. I just have to cope and remember there is always someone who's worse off.  Simba seems to distract me with his OCD of licking himself. I secretly think he always wanted to be a hairless cat or he's like me and appreciates good hair. 

I mentioned before that I'm looking for a PT job close to home. I had an interview and things seemed to go well. I just wonder if employers will be scared to hire a recent survivor. I'm not withholding this information in my interview.  There's a gap on my resume and can't say I was building houses in another country, I tell the truth. It's part of who I am, my baggage. And really is my baggage that bad?  I hope not but think I might be silly to rule it out. It would be discrimination for sure so let's hope I get the call. I'm very qualified for this position so I'm optimistic. 

Anyone who'd like to sponsor me please visit and search my name. It's very simple and very appreciated. 

Wishing everyone a fabulous February...all 29 days of it!




Update Dec 5th

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