Monday, May 6, 2019


I’ve been doing some soul searching and digging a bit deeper of late, looking for inspiration in all aspects of life and from those around me.  For some reason fairytales always seem to pop up in my head.  If I think about it I was read the classics as a young child, I dreamt of my happy ending and always had faith that all would be ok with my life just like the people in the tales.  There are times I wish I could go back and give the younger me some advice but alas time travel is still very much a fairytale. 

I grew up in a time with no social media influences such as Facebook or Instagram.  No cell phones but instead the amazing private line which I’m sure was more for my parents sanity than my own!  Computers only starting to make change as I entered high school, we still had typing class on actual typewriters and not keyboards. My point being that reality was seen in a different way. The newspaper was factual for the most part, you came home as the sun started to set and you heard stories through friends and family. Cancer was a rarity or perhaps just less spoken of and ostomy awareness was little to non existant.  

Here I sit three decades later typing on a flat screen called an iPad and can google anything. Type in a hashtag and find others with common ground or circumstances.  Had these forums been available in my teens I don’t know how I would have handled knowing that fairytales are just that...tales...imagination and not reality. That life throws you curve balls you weren’t taught about on the pitching mound and that frankly life just ain’t fair.  Of course people had hardships but the way they were spoken about and handled was on a completely different level. 

In saying all this I’m thankful for the technology advancements because I know it’s what helped me connect with people I’d never have otherwise met.  I found some great information and groups to help me cope with my new reality, my new fairytale.  Not the fairytale I had imagined but one I write about in this very blog.  Every fairytale has its struggle. Cinderella was locked away and mistreated and Sleeping Beauty slept a lot. Talk about good makeup and hair with no filter needed right?  At the end of these tales a young prince comes to save the day, not a 40+ aged man most likely fresh out of a  divorce!

The Seven Dwarfs represent my amazing family who number way more than 7 and not all male, and I have no whicked siblings who want to lock me away...well most days anyway.  Instead I have a super brother and a cousin who’s like a brother who would move time for me if they could.  My brothers know I do all I can to be the good sister for thewith whatever they ask of me.

As I write this entry I’m understanding that my fairytale actually still exists, it just has some chapters added in the middle.  They may be chapters I’m not happy with but they are my story, my truth with no fiction added. One common characteristic I like to think I share with Cinderella and Snow White is strength. You don’t give up...even if it’s while sleeping!  Yes they had no cancer, no hernias, no ostomy, but they did forge forward with they had.  

I still have hope that my prince will show himself  to me, but perhaps I need to do a little more work on my own princess skills first. And let’s be real, it’s 2019 you don’t need a prince to be happy but it sure would be a who doesn’t love a royal wedding!