Saturday, September 23, 2017


I often find myself thinking about what my contributions are in life. Maybe it's because in today's world we know, or at least it feels like we know, what everyone's up to. I'm not saving the world, I'm not running a country, I'm not a famous actor, I'm not the coach of the Canucks. So what or who am I?

Life is a smorgasbord of emotions and we're so quick to get sad, or angry...just generally stressed out. Someone calls in sick at work, you've broken up with your partner, maybe I'd like to be taller and have curly hair. The options are endless. But why can't I/we see the great things about us, our lives, our contributions?  It's so easy to get down and not so easy to get back up. I always say "it can be worse" and it's so true. 

Look around and step outside of you for just a moment and you'll see it'll be ok. Maybe you see a person living with an incredibly hard disability doing something you take for granted. I saw a young lady on TV recently who was the sole survivor of a plane crash incredibly burned sing live on TV for millions. I was in tears. Here I am complaining about my thyroid or my sore pelvis and here she was showing herself to most of the world. Pretty inspiring moment. 

I've been a fairly positive person since the day I was born.  I always tried to see the better in people, the brighter side and to be kind. Every once and a while I'll find myself wrapped up in the throws of life and take a step back and remind myself life is really too short. Surround yourself with people who cause you no stress but instead laughter. Go to work happy no matter how hard it may be that particular day. 

Contributions can be small, they don't have to be grand and on a world scale.  The way we treat someone at work, in the grocery store or just holding a door for someone. Be less quick to judge but more quick to support.  In saying all this life can really be hard at times. I've felt it. You've felt it. I'm just choosing to move forward seeing the great more than then bad and to live. Simple really but oh so true. 

I like to think my contributions are making someone smile and maybe teaching someone how to shoulder dance. It's my thing. LOL. Bopp those shoulders in your chair, no need for a dance floor! Also I think my contributions continue to unfold, every day is a new day and more experiences to come. Maybe one day I will be a world leader or famous actor or the coach of the Canucks, but until them I'm fine being me. 




Saturday, September 2, 2017


Remember when you were young and your grandparents or parents would say things like "always look on the bright side" or "turn that frown upside down"? Well gosh darn it they were right!  I used to roll my eyes or probably walk away whispering to my buddy that they were crazy but now find myself saying exactly those things to my staff, young ones in my life or a friend going through a hard time. 

Since I last wrote over a month ago now, lots has come about or guess I should say turned around. I've had ups and downs with health, career, friends and just overall life. My last PET scan warned my doctors that my thyroid wasn't working and showed it could be cancerous. I was so tired at one point I couldn't get out of bed and thought I may be seriously sick again. The symptoms were so much like those I experience during my initial diagnosis I began to worry. I missed work, had zero energy, and was even slightly depressed. 

Blood work and 2 biopsies have since followed revealing I have a hypo thyroid my levels so out of whack it was hardly working. A normal persons TSH reading should be 0.4-3.8 and mine was 31.6. I'm taking medication to get the levels back to where they should be, it still isn't quite there but huge improvement to where I wouldn't fall asleep typing an email! My last biopsy was just yesterday and this one hurt a lot more than the last, but it has to be done and really I've been through 10x worse. I've been told these biopsies will continue every few months as they need to keep a close watch. As long as it comes back benign each time, were good!

It's been a just over a year since I returned to work, and I've loved my time with Mavi. Unfortunately they've decided not to renew their lease come Sept 30th, so I'll be joining another company in the same mall and will be sure to tell you more about it once it begins. Mavi has been very good to me and I've worked very hard to thank them. I'll miss my denim fashion shows with customers but will maintain great relationships with those I've met along the way. If you don't have Mavi jeans in your closest you really should as the quality & comfort is hard to beat. 

I continue to do my best at surrounding myself with those that lift me up and not those who drag me down. I was away for a week on a road trip from Hope to Calgary seeing some of those exact people. I take pride in my friendships near and far and loved being on the open road listening to oldies, wind or AC blowing on my face driving though the mountains. It was my first solo trip post cancer and I had a few moments of anxiousness but turned that negative to a positive and kept on going. Every turn on this road of life just keeps me inspired...keeps me alive...keeps me positive. 




Update Dec 5th

Sorry I am a day late! This is from Carly yesterday :) Pic 1 was taken months ago and shows how big my hernia was. It was even bigger at...