Thursday, December 8, 2016


I love my cat, we've been together for 16 years, but these meows at 7am need to stop.  My alarm goes off at 8 so it's like a crying child, do you get up and give them what they want (in Simbas' case wet food) or suffer through the the cry and be the boss?  I've chosen a middle, I'm laying in bed writing this blog listening to his meows. By the time I finish it'll be 8, my alarm will go off, and our regular food routine continues having him fed at 8:05. Just a quick side note he has a FULL bowl of kibble, little buggar!

I had a PET scan last Monday and yesterday went in for those results as well as a physical check up.  I'm always anxious on results day, but more so this time as I've heard of more & more people around me being diagnosed or sadly losing their fight. Had I had margins I'd be a little more at ease. Margins refer to the area surrounding your cancer. In most cases when doctors operate, they'll cut around the area to avoid reoccurrence or any unseen cancerous cells. For me that would have meant an extensive surgery involving a colostomy bag and plastic surgery. This is why I go in every 3 months so if any cancer comes back they can catch it ASAP. 

My last few scans have alerted a spot but to say it's cancer isn't right. Basically as long as it doesn't grow, all is ok. This scan showed higher intensity than the last, but no change in size and also could be from my Crohns. Physical checkup was good with no red flags. I'll go back in February for another check up, and then my amazing doctor will decide if a biopsy is needed which means a day surgery. I'm so impressed with how on top of things she is and since day one felt totally cared for by her & everyone at the cancer agency. Funny thing, today marks 2 years ago having my tumour removed!

I've now been back to work for just over 3 months and time has flown by. I remember just hoping I could stand and here I am running a store and a team for a great company who's supported me with kindness and grace. If you're ever in the Tsawwassen Mills mall please swing by Mavi and say hello. Just the other day a friend of my moms who I'd never met did just that. It was great to meet her and lovely to know she reads this blog. 

I'm really happy right now. Life is pretty much back to normal except for my hot flashes, so my doctor increased my daily dose ha ha. After my PET scan they asked if I was cold and hot, I replied "that was just my hot flashes you saw". Pretty funny hey. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season, an even better 2017. Where has the time gone, gosh so much has happened these last 2 years. I thank you for your love and support and send it right back your way. Funny how I started this blog with Simba meowing and now he's laying across my arms as I type..little buggar indeed!




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