Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Slumber bowl

This past Sunday was the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots taking on the Los Angeles Rams. Like most other years, there was lots of hype as to who would win and final score predictions.  Little did we know it would be a low scoring game with only one touchdown, with no big reason to get up and cheer or high five your friends. Add in the drama of the half time show artist selection, not being able to see the US commercials in Canada, I was sure glad I stayed home on my couch to watch it. 

Brady and his team taking their 6th title, made me think of myself as a quarterback in my own life’s big game showdowns. I dare count how many surgeries I’ve been sedated for, chemotherapy and radiation, hyperbaric treatments, ostomy life and the dreaded hernias. I may not get millions of dollars or trophies for my big wins, but wins nonetheless. Oh wait I also don’t have a super model partner, better stop this comparison now while I can lol 

I’m hoping hernia surgery is getting close now that we’re in February. I was asked to get bloodwork done which has to be done close to surgery booking. That’s a great sign but also makes me nervous. Minus a recent trip to the ER after a painful blockage passing, I haven’t had major surgery or hospital visits in a while. When you’re in the illness trenches you just go in head up, but feeling a bit out of the trench right now, my head a little shook this time. But in true quarterback fashion I’ll be ready to go on game day. 

I’ve learned of some great health conferences coming up this year. The first is for social media health advocates this April in Dallas. If I’m selected the travel and accommodation costs are covered which makes it possible for me to attend.  I think it would be so rewarding to be surrounded by other health advocates from all medical rhelms.  The other is in Philadelphia in August but no costs covered.  This conference purely for ostomates, an expensive trip and being on disability this last year, I don’t know if I can swing it. Gosh I’d so like to attend though!   Some of my ostomy friends have attended and said it’s super rewarding and inspiring. 

Not much else is new and exciting. I’ve got some hockey tickets c/o Santa (aka my dad) next week.  Canucks vs San Jose which should be a great game. The weather has been amazing on the West Coast. We had a dusting of snow the other day but it was so light it didn’t stick.  Today is a beautiful sunny day, a bit chilly with a temperature of 1c. Can’t complain when I hear of what the East deals with. I lived in Calgary for 8 years so put in my time with cold weather, although it was usually sunny even if freezing. Oh wait one exciting thing, I’m going to the Justin Timberlake concert next week and can’t wait. My biggest fear was that hernia surgery would stop me from going but it looks like all will be fine. I’ll definitely be bringing my 🎶sexy back🎶 Thursday night. 

I continue to stay upbeat, hanging with friends on Saturdays, cooking most days & snuggling with Simba. His old age has brought hearing loss and a lot of meowing. He’s either got a thyroid or diabetes condition, so will have to cross the vet bridge soon enough. I’m not thinking he’s dying, but the meowing for treats all day could make me insane!  Why I yell “be quiet” to a deaf cat I just don’t know but I do.  Lol 

My real health Super Bowl will be on the 16th. It marks my 1 year cancer free anniversary and birth of  my colostomy Winnie the Pouch. Being rid of cancer a second time is amazing, but Winnie has helped me so much vs not having her the first time round. Anxiety mostly gone, completely open as to my ostomy life, I generally feel total acceptance from people I meet. A pouch is a lot easier than a step kid or a crazy ex husband!  I have heard stories from other ostomates who struggle with acceptance, but I haven’t felt that way. I’m proud and better with her so educate anyone who has questions. Because I’m confident no problems have come up, and if they did I’d just toss them aside like the Patriots do their opponents. 

May have some interceptions here and there, but my quarterback life is getting more yards each and every day!




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  1. Carly washbasin a fantastic blog after such a disappointing SuperBowl. I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines. I hope you enjoy your outings before your surgery.
    I'm thinking of you want to go to Philadelphia you could start a"Go Fund Me"campaign. I'm sure all your friends and follows would be happy to contribute! Hang in there Carly!